Sniff is a "Scratch-like" programming language that's designed to help Scratchers move gently from Scratch to more conventional languages. They can start writing programs, without having to learn a new language because Sniff is based on Scratch. They learn a little more about variables, compiling, syntax errors (!), and they can have fun controlling real hardware while they're doing it.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Release 27: Micro:bit!

Last week we took the unusual step of putting out Release 27pre, as we were keen to get Microbit support out as quickly as possible. We've now spend quite a bit of time with it, and have made a few minor fixes and changes. It's now pretty stable, and we've been able to test it with quite a bit of external hardware, including the Nokia 5110 screen, an SD Card reader, and a dht22.

Before you can use Sniff with Microbit you'll need to install Yotta from This is really easy on Mac and Windows. For Linux it may be more of an adventure! Let us know how you get on.

We've also produced a series of Tutorials for the Microbit, taking you from never used Sniff, through to using all the features of the Micro:bit.

We're really excited about the new platform, so have fun with it, and get in touch to let us know how you're getting on.

Release 27 is now now on the Downloads page.

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