Sniff is a "Scratch-like" programming language that's designed to help Scratchers move gently from Scratch to more conventional languages. They can start writing programs, without having to learn a new language because Sniff is based on Scratch. They learn a little more about variables, compiling, syntax errors (!), and they can have fun controlling real hardware while they're doing it.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Release 23: (the not very exciting one)

Release 23 is out, and contains a bunch of fixes and a few new features.

We had some problems with the Release 22 for Windows build getting flagged by Windows Defender... In response we pulled all old versions from the downloads page, ran full virus scans on our windows machine, and rebuilt the zip files from scratch. However even though Windows reported no problems with the files, it did occasionally complain about the zip file containing those files. We're as confident as we can be that the files are clean, and we've run scans on everything in the current build and they're giving a clean bill of heath.

The most fun thing in R23 is that it lets you play back sound files. There's also support for 433MHz transmitters and receivers so you can turn stuff on and off by remote control. Finally we've got support for i2c PWM extenders, which you can use to drive up to 16 servos - we've got a big servo project coming up soon.

Check the Downloads page!

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